University of Wisconsin–Madison

Financial Services

Financial Services is responsible for the financial accounting and reporting for DoIT. We handle the customer billing and payment recording for DoIT services and provide account status. We provide DoIT purchasing support and assist staff with developments for bids and requests for proposals.

Director of Financial Services: Andy Taylor


Responsible for the financial accounting and reporting for DoIT. Its services include:

  • Execution of the annual budget development and central funding process on behalf of DoIT directors, managers, and the CIO Office. Development of the annual budget required by campus administration.
  • Creation of financial accounting reports for directors, managers, the CIO Office, and campus administration.
  • Ongoing financial monitoring and forecasting for the division as a whole/single entity. Year-end balancing of DoIT’s funds per the campus general ledger.
  • Ongoing management of the General Ledger and Project Costing modules in CBS.


Invoices customers and collects and records payments for DoIT Groups in support of their operations. Billing also updates customer databases, maintains customer accounts, handles necessary corrections and adjustments to customer invoices, processes credits and refunds and deposit receipts. As a result, they are able to respond to customer inquiries and provide customer account status.

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Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Partners with DoIT management to make purchases of all types of products and services, including travel. Its services include:

  • Timely acquisition of a wide variety of goods and services to meet DoIT business needs.
  • Arrange and pay for staff travel.
  • Verification that DoIT only pays the appropriate amounts for purchases.
  • Maintain information on DoIT capital assets and provide depreciation calculations.
  • Review, edit and sign agreements and contracts related to purchases.
  • Work with staff in the development of bids and requests for proposals.
  • Guide staff through State & UW procurement and travel rules to help ensure the goods or services are obtained legally.