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Office 365 Message Encryption

By default, email communication is transmitted from the sender to the recipient in plain text and can be easily intercepted by unintended recipients along the transmission path. Encryption of the message significantly reduces the risk of data disclosure and should be used if sensitive or restricted data is included in the message. UW–⁠Madison offers 2 Office 365-compatible encryption services: UW Digital ID and Office Message Encryption.

Office 365 Message Encryption

Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) is available at the click of a button. Certificates or program add-ins do not need to be installed as the message remains on the Office 365 email server. The intended recipient also does not need to have a certificate installed to read the message.  In addition, the recipient can also be an external, non-UW–⁠Madison email address.  Non-UW–⁠Madison email recipients receive a notification message that directs them back to the Office 365 email server to log on and retrieve the encrypted message.

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