University of Wisconsin–Madison

Authorization systems and getting access

Get access to authorization systems

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Get the proper form (see above) for the system you are applying for access.
  2. Fill out the form as completely as possible. Any missing information will delay processing.
  3. Get the proper department authorizer to sign the form.
    (SFS authorization please see the UWSA website)
  4. Fax form to (608) 265-0667. Keep the original copy for your records or destroy.
  5. Wait to get an email from granting or denying your access. Users and department authorizers will receive notice of a new access. Passwords are provided to the users only.

Access is granted in the order completed forms are received. It should never take more then 2 weeks to get access. Depending on how many forms we currently are processing.

See also the IT Access – List of Systems page on the KB.