University of Wisconsin–Madison


OCIS and DoIT manage a number credentialing services for campus, including the NetID service and the historical three-character login service. OCIS encourages service providers on campus to use centralized credential stores, when possible. WebISO (i.e., web single sign-on for web applications) is available to service providers needing to allow authenticated access to web delivered applications. OCIS and DoIT also authorize access to certain campus-wide and UW System-wide business or enterprise systems (e.g., SIS, InfoAccess). In addition, service providers may contract with us to provide security authorizations for their departmental systems.


The list of persons defined as “authorizers” consists of two groups: 1) department authorizers who can approve access based on department and position, and 2) data custodians who can approve access to specific data.

Authorization Systems and Getting Access

The Office of Campus Information Security also manages access control for enterprise systems on campus, including the DoIT Mainframe (3270), the Student Information System(SIS), the InfoAccess data warehouse, UWP1, Housing and Resource 25.