University of Wisconsin–Madison

Campus IT Overview

Campus Projects Under Review


Project Name Submitted Project Classification Campus Group Sponsor Email Proposer Email Approval Status Approval Date
CPTC Routine Outcome Monitoring Software Subscription 2018/01/12 Pending Classification Education Pending Approval
Campus Email Marketing Tool RFP 2018/01/11 Pending Classification DoIT Pending Approval
WIDA eLearning for K12 Educators 2018/01/09 Medium Impact Education Pending Approval
Undergraduate Symposium Application and Abstract System 2018/01/07 Low Impact Office of Provost; Pending Approval
Engage etext pilot extension through Fall 2018 2018/01/07 Low Impact Office of Provost;; Approved 2018/01/11
Student Job Center Update 2018/01/05 Low Impact Enrollment Approved 2018/01/11
SIEM Replacement 2018/01/05 Low Impact DoIT; Approved 2018/01/11
STUDYABROAD 2.0 2017/12/22 Medium Impact Office of Provost DKGOLD@STUDYABROAD.WISC.EDU Approved 2018/01/11
Code42/Crashplan Combine departments 2017/12/20 Low Impact SMPH Approved 2017/12/22
SHOW Biorepository Management Software 2017/12/13 Low Impact SMPH Approved 2017/12/13
PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 (SIS) Upgrade 2017/12/12 High Impact Enrollment Approved 2018/01/11
AEFIS Syllabus Builder Tool 2017/12/12 Low Impact Office of Provost Approved 2017/12/13
FP&M Work Order System 2017/12/01 High Impact VCFA Pending Approval
Chemistry Invoice System 2017/11/20 Medium Impact L&S Pending Approval
Multifactor Authentication Implementation - Duo 2017/11/10 High Impact CIO Office Approved 2017/11/27
Graduate Student Tracking System (GSTS) 2017/11/10 Medium Impact VCRGE Approved 2017/11/27
Salesforce CRM Implementation 2017/11/07 Medium Impact Enrollment Approved 2017/12/11
Artificially Intelligent Chat System 2017/10/27 Low Impact Enrollment Approved 2017/10/31
Engage e-Text Pilot Project 2017/09/29 Low Impact Office of Provost Approved 2017/10/09
Career Services Software Project 2017/09/29 Medium Impact Office of Provost Approved 2017/11/06
Enterprise Replacement for Scheduling Assistant - Starfish 2017/09/29 Medium Impact Office of Provost Approved 2017/11/06
Next-generation COI and OAR system 2017/09/29 Low Impact VCRGE Approved 2017/10/09