University of Wisconsin–Madison

Chief Data Officer

Jason Fishbain
Jason Fishbain

Jason Fishbain is the UW-Madison Chief Data Officer. His role includes creating a data governance program to handle the different types of data the UW produces – administrative, local, and research. He is also responsible for building a data governance framework that has an overarching goal of information literacy for the campus. Information literacy means means educating users and instituting change in four specific areas:

1) Policies and Standards – deciding who is accountable for the data and data policies and crafting a data stewardship policy.

2) Information Quality – controlling workflows to ensure data quality and process quality

3) Privacy, Compliance, and Security – making decisions about what ‘restricted’ and ‘classified’ means, how to comply with privacy and security laws (like FERPA) within our data management plan.

4) Architecture and Integration – having consistent data definitions and data dictionaries

Creating a data governance framework is a large culture overhaul for an institution. It needs technology and people to make the changes work. However, it provides great potential for the Chief Data Officer to assist the research community. It sets up potential for greater institutional support of the research enterprise by providing more resources such as assistance for preparing grant proposals, complying with funding requirements, storage of data, and more.

See the campus data web site.