University of Wisconsin–Madison

Initiatives & Projects


IT Initiatives are efforts that change how the campus does business; that have broad campus leadership/executive sponsorship backing and commitment; and that have significant campus resources dedicated to them to ensure their success.

Advanced Computing Initiative

The University of Wisconsin­-Madison Advanced Computing Initiative delivers a combination of shared computing resources and shared human resources to enable a broad range of researchers to improve their use of computers in their scholarly work. …

Campus Computing Infrastructure

UW-Madison operates many campus data centers, server rooms dedicated to maintaining local information systems. An Administrative Excellence team was created to assess the current state of these centers, adopt industry standards for security, power and …

Educational Innovation

The mission of EI is to engage and inspire students through enriched learning, through pervasive active learning to improve the student experience; building innovative, professional-level degree programs and other lifelong learning opportunities; and extending the university’s educational …

Enterprise IT Decision Making (EITDM)

The EITDM-Future State team completed peer benchmarking, modeled a desired future state for IT decision-making and recommend a uniform process for UW-Madison (the “Wisconsin model”) which was accepted by the AE Steering Committee and socialized …

IT Management and Governance Review

The university is studying IT governance and structure in an effort to guide UW-Madison decision-making on IT priorities and create additional effectiveness.

Office 365

The entire campus — faculty, staff and students — moved to Office 365 for email and calendar near the end of 2015. Since the migration, users have been able to share schedules and resources, set meetings, and use cloud-based …

Personal Devices and Cloud Services

The use of personal devices and cloud services in higher education is transforming the way we conduct our research, teaching and administration. To address this changing landscape, a campuswide team has analyzed our current strategy …


Unizin is a consortium of universities working on the next generation teaching and learning environment. UW-Madison’s participation in Unizin is co-sponsored and lead by Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Steve Cramer, in partnership with …

UW Cloud Services

UW Cloud Services is a CIO-sponsored initiative to deliver public cloud computing services to UW-Madison faculty, staff, and departments. The initial offerings focus on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) …

UW-IT Connects

Sponsored by the Office of the CIO and Vice Provost of Information Technology in  partnership with campus affiliates, the IT Connects initiative seeks to coordinate skill-building in the areas of leadership and information technology competency. Oversight …


IT Projects have a limited-term duration and can vary in scope and campus reach. All projects, regardless of size, are undertaken in support of delivering on the 2015-2019 Campus Strategic Framework, thereby furthering our mission of Teaching, Research and Outreach. Projects have unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.

IT Titling and Compensation Gap Analysis

This project will identify issues related to IT titling and compensation on the UW-Madison campus. While it is being done in preparation for the joint UW System/UW-Madison Title and Total Compensation Study, there are likely to be issues not dependent on the study which the project will convey to the appropriate stakeholders.


The UW-Madison is transitioning to the Canvas learning management system (LMS) over the next two years. The plan is to adopt Canvas as the single, centrally supported LMS, and to discontinue campus support for D2L and Moodle by 2018.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

UW-Madison is transitioning to a new telephone and voice platform. The original State of Wisconsin contract for AT&T Centrex (analog and ISDN) telephone service has ended. The contract extension includes price increases intended to motivate State agencies to move to new technology.UW-Madison will be using Cisco VoIP technology with access to the telephone network for local and long distance calling via AT&T. This will be the mandatory telephone service for UW‑Madison.

For more information about projects, contact the Office of the CIO.