University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Cyberinfrastructure

The Office of the CIO supports the research cyberinfrastructure capabilities needed to enable the work of UW-Madison researchers, including physical systems, services, and tools. In partnership with campus administration, central and distributed IT, and research units and groups across campus, the CIO helps plan strategic directions and resources for an innovative adaptable research CI with the ability to build additional capacity where needed and the  flexibility to respond to new directions and requirements of researchers.

The University of Wisconsin has significant shared resources for large scale computing and the accompanying software, storage, network capacity, and staff expertise to help UW-Madison researchers advance their research through computation.

Campus sponsored IT offerings for research include the Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC), the Advanced Computing Initiative (ACI), and the Campus Computing Infrastructure.

The  Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC) manages campus HTC and HPC resources that are available to all UW-Madison researchers and their collaborators. In addition, the CHTC coordinates the exchange of high-throughput computing work between its own resources and the Open Science Grid (OSG), a federation of computing clusters across the nation. The CHTC is home to the HTCondor project, which consists of software and related technologies for distributed computing.

The Advanced Computing Initiative (ACI) strategically aligns shared resources to provide cyberinfrastructure, including human expertise, hardware, and software to UW-Madison’s researchers and scholars. ACI works with campus service providers and provides facilitation to individual users to help them achieve successful outcomes in their research and helps develop campus community and expertise in research computing through interest groups, events, and training offerings, including Software and Data Carpentry workshops.

The Campus Computing Infrastructure provides a spectrum of services including virtual and physical server hosting as well as storage and backup for research data. Services are designed to be scalable and available on an as-needed basis and to augment existing departmental resources available to researchers.