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CIO Spring 2018 Campus Update

This third quarterly update of CIO office activities finds us in the midst of several significant developments.

Selection near for CIO search
Two excellent finalists gave campus presentations April 19-20. Background on both candidates is found here. The Provost will inform the campus of a decision as soon as it is confirmed.

IT Cloud Strategist chosen
Joe Johnson, our newly hired Cloud Strategist, will be joining the CIO office May 7. He will be engaging with numerous campus partners and help define key principles for evaluating the use of cloud technologies throughout our service portfolio. More information about Joe is found in this news article.

Progress toward IT service rationalization
The last quarterly report included news of our discovery of 1500 campus IT services spread among 97 service categories. Each of the IT governance groups was asked to choose a few categories that relate to their area, and begin the rationalization process. Here are the categories under review, by TAG, along with a brief status:

     Data Backup & Recovery: Interviewing 18 groups doing data backup; aggregate report coming in May.
     Access Management: working group is doing roadmap planning, rationalization, portfolio management,
     and credential steering.
     File Storage: subteam formed to rationalize Box, OneDrive, Google, and Shared Drive.

     Content Management System: A proposed governance structure has been finalized and is ready for
     DTAG review, a new AWS infrastructure is being provisioned and is ready for testing. More information
     is available here.
     Ticketing Simplification: Using Service Inventory data and interviews around campus to understand
     work done in this space, additionally benchmarking with Big Ten Academic Alliance peer institutions.
     Endpoint Management and Security: Given the licenses of several software titles currently in use on
     campus, a working group has been formed and is developing a scope, milestones, and timeline.
     DTAG will become involved in making decisions around budget and software titles in the Campus
     Software Library. A working group is being formed and will develop a process.

     The group will be hearing from service providers of research computing or research data-related
     services (e.g. Center for High Throughput Computing, Campus Computing Initiative, Social Sciences
     Computing Cooperative, etc.) with the goal of understanding the services they provide, who they serve,
     and metrics related to providing those services.
     An RTAG working group will be finalizing a proposal for moving the campus toward a more mature
     model of research data management.

     Consulting and Advising: the group began rationalization in April with plans to share results by June.

Refresh of IT service inventory
Planning for the third annual inventory of campus IT services has begun, and will include more than just customer-facing services. The overall approach and process enhancements will be reviewed with the TAGs before beginning the refresh. The data collection should be completed by this fall. This allows us to make refinements to include all types of services categories. It will result in a more complete and useful inventory.

I&TLC a success
The recent 5th annual Information & Technology Leadership Conference was successful by several measures. About 250 attended, including a broad representation from distributed and DoIT staff. Feedback on topics and speakers was quite positive. Be sure to monitor other events and development activities sponsored by IT Connects.

Use of IT Project Intake jumps
More than 40 low, medium and high-impact campus IT Projects were submitted and 34 have been approved since October 1st. Of those currently under review, four are low-impact and two are medium-impact. Benefits to the process so far include several new (RFP) purchase requests that were redirected to products and services already in use by the campus. The Center of Excellence is planning to offer more process review and feedback sessions this spring.

Please feel free to contact Interim CIO Mike Lehman if you have questions about any of these topics. We will hold another campus open forum on these and other topics at the Union South Marquee on Wednesday, May 16 from 9 to 10 a.m.