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Endpoint Management Project Update: Moving Forward

The Endpoint Implementation Leadership Team has shifted the implementation strategy for the endpoint management project due to the budget challenges imposed by COVID-19. The original implementation proposal included funding to purchase licenses for approximately 50,000 UW–Madison owned endpoints and covered three years. However, the project budget was reduced by 75% and ongoing funding was eliminated. 

To move the project forward, DoIT will pay for the core infrastructure for this shared service over the next three years. This funding will provide three years of hosting, staffing, and support for the underlying endpoint management service including packages for deployment of UW–Madison enterprise software titles and reporting tools to meet UW–Madison and UW System reporting requirements. Campus units will be responsible for BigFix and Workspace ONE license costs.

Units not currently participating are encouraged to transition to a common service, take advantage of centrally provided content and reporting, and secure endpoint management software. If additional project funds become available, they will be used to subsidize endpoint management license costs. Options for new BigFix and Workspace ONE licenses, and renewal costs will be announced during Q2 FY2021.

Next Steps:

The contract for license purchase is still being negotiated. However, the project team is working with our implementation partner, Dell, to plan the migration of our current on-premise environment to the cloud and develop strategies for migrations from other systems. 

The project team will update existing project documentation and publish an implementation timeline detailing how the project will move forward once contract negotiations are complete.  This will include opportunities for campus partners to ask questions and provide feedback on the direction of the project.

More detailed information can be found at Endpoint Management & Security Project or contact us with questions at