UW-IT Connects

Sponsored by the Office of the CIO and Vice Provost of Information Technology in  partnership with campus affiliates, the IT Connects initiative seeks to coordinate skill-building in the areas of leadership and information technology competency. Oversight and coordination will be provided by a designated steering team.


To specifically address areas of need, UW-IT Connects will consist of the following programming areas in order to enable a diverse set of opportunities for the community to engage and develop based on needs and interests.


This proposal recommends bringing these activities together under one brand, “UW-ITConnects”, with distributed co-chairs and steering teams to share the work, provide more leadership opportunities for ITLP alums, and aggregate costs for budget planning purposes. The program would include the following areas of focus:

  1. UW-IT Connects (umbrella group)
  2. I & T Leadership Conference
  3. IT Mentoring Program
  4. ITLP Forward
  5. Leadership Improv
  6. Second Tuesday Leadership Breakfasts
  7. UW-WIT


Steering Team: Brandon Bernier, Don Nelson, Brenda Spychalla


The Office of the CIO and Vice Provost of Information Technology currently supports a diverse range of professional development and networking activities, that enable information and technology staff to build leadership competencies and grow together as a community. UW-Madison recognizes that people are the highest value of a successful information and technology enterprise. Given that the information and technology community and affiliates are highly distributed, we recommend that initiatives and programming for this community be coordinated and branded under one umbrella program called “UW-ITConnects.”