University of Wisconsin–Madison

Campus Technical Issues Group (CTIG)

The mission of the Campus Technical Issues Group, a volunteer group, is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of technology issues of interest to Madison campus divisional and departmental IT staff and other concerned partners in the Madison IT process; to explore the intersection of campus policy and technology issues; and to provide other technology-related activities as it deems appropriate to meet the needs of campus IT staff.

  • CTIG consists of a group of concerned campus divisional and departmental IT staff.
  • CTIG organizes two types of activities: planning / organizational meetings, which deal with internal business and the planning for general meetings, and general program meetings, which are intended for a broader audience of campus staff interested in IT issues.
  • CTIG is headed by a Chair, chosen by the full CTIG. The Chair must already be a member of CTIG. The Chair calls CTIG planning meetings, chairs them, and is responsible for establishing meeting agendas. The chair serves for a fixed term, with no term limits.  CTIG members are chosen by the existing CTIG membership.
  • CTIG members attend planning meetings and participate in all aspects of the CTIG planning process. They may add items to the meeting agendas.
  • CTIG may establish rules for how it will make decisions (essentially, voting rules). It may create (and staff) working groups. CTIG members will fill CTIG vacancies by procedures that CTIG will establish.
  • CTIG members serve for a fixed term, with no term limits.
  • CTIG may create other officer positions and define their duties and responsibilities
  • CTIG may create standing committees to deal with specific ongoing issues to support CTIG and its planning process. Standing committees are chaired by a CTIG member.
    Standing-committee work-products must be ratified by the full CTIG.
  • CTIG may identify certain liaison positions with other organizations and may appoint individuals,
    preferably CTIG members, to fill those positions. For each such position, CTIG will craft a description of the duties, establish a working title, and will then appoint an individual.
  • CTIG may create By-Laws to govern the actual operations of CTIG. By-Laws must be consistent with this Charter.
  • CTIG members will be bound by this Charter and by any By-Laws that are established.

Recent presentations:

  • 8/13/15: Introduction to the Lab Archives ELN — Slides (PDF)

Upcoming presentations:

  • IT titles under the new HR system (TBD)
  • Manifest Update (TBD)

Meeting structure

CTIG meets approximately monthly during the school year. For more information, contact the current group chair.


Member Affiliation Role
Andy Arnold Letters and Science – SSCC  
Pete Boguszewski General Library  
Kevin Cherek Administrative Information Management Services  
Jason Erdmann School of Education  
Rick Konopacki School of Medicine and Public Health Chair
Jason Pursian College of Agricultural and Life Sciences  
Chip Quade Graduate School  
Ian Sadkovich Computer-Aided Engineering  
John Weltin School of Business