University of Wisconsin–Madison

Network Advisory Group (NAG)

The Network Advisory Group’s (NAG) mission is to provide campus partners a forum for sharing ideas and concerns about campus network management.

In 2003, the UW embarked on a major change in how campus networks are supported and funded. Prior to the change, central IT (DoIT) operated much like an ISP and only had responsibility for the campus backbone. Departments managed their local networks independently, including purchases, configurations and IOS maintenance updates.

DoIT now plays a more central, coordinating role in supporting the network. Capital purchases are made centrally. The majority of campus departments work with DoIT collaboratively to manage their departmental networks.

The various management options are detailed here.

A vital tool in collaborative network support is the Authorized Agent Network Tool Suite (AANTS).

More information about AANTS is available here.

Additionally, campus moved from a port-based network fee to one primarily comprised of research overhead and FTE-based charges made at the school or division level.

Given these changes, it was deemed appropriate for campus to have a strong voice in how DoIT manages the network on their behalf. The Network Advisory Group (NAG) is an informal gathering of campus partners who share their ideas and concerns re: campus network management. Meetings are held monthly and are open to all campus members. Agendas are developed and distributed prior to each meeting.

Meeting notes are posted at the NAG Wiki.

If you are interested in joining the NAG mailing list, please contact the COO’s office at 262.8874 or open a help desk case with Network Services.

Your input is always welcome!