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UW-IT Professionals

As IT professionals at UW-Madison, we value the high-quality services and support we provide to our faculty, staff and students, as well as UW System and beyond. We also recognize that having a shared set of resources helps us to better serve our users, our work unit and the institution.

History, vision, approach

Since November 2016, a campuswide team of IT staff has been committed to developing a set of standard guidelines, assembling a directory of training resources and onboarding tools, as well as establishing a UW-IT Professionals organization.

UW-IT Professionals is a campuswide, grassroots organization within the UW-IT Connects umbrella for self-identified new and current IT employees to collaborate and share these tools and resources.

Our shared vision is to improve the IT culture and inter-departmental relationships at UW–Madison. Our immediate plans for the organization are to recruit members to serve on sub-teams to plan and deliver IT- focused programming and training for faculty, staff and students.

Annually we host the IT Professionals Conference to provide a forum for networking and idea exchange among IT Professionals across the campus. 

In 2020, we coordinated the inaugural IT Recognition Awards. We work with excellent people who do awesome things. These awards were the first step in showcasing our impact. 

IT Recognition Awards

Congratulations to the 2022 IT Recognition Award winners!

The Awards were presented as part of the IT Professionals Conference on June 3, 2022.

Meet the 2022 winners

Watch the 2022 award ceremony

Past awards & recipients


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Terry Bradshaw (DoIT), Sara Nagreen (Mathematics)

Steering Team

Jason Erdmann (MERIT, School of Education), Laura Grady (DoIT), Patti Havlicek (DoIT), Mariah Julson (AIMS), David Parter (Computer Sciences), Alan Silver (Chemistry), Susan Weier (L&S), Crague Cook (UW–Madison Libraries)

2020 IT Recognition Awards Committee

Terry  Bradshaw (DoIT), Sarah Buszka (DoIT), Sara Nagreen (Mathematics), Jason Pursain (CALS), Elizabeth Simcock (SMPH), Todd Shechter (DoIT)

2021 IT Recognition Awards Committee

Mehrnaz Ahmadi Joobaneh (ODMAS), Terry Bradshaw (DoIT), Peter Boguszewski (UW–Madison Libraries),  Sarah Buszka (DoIT), Greg Konop (DoIT),  Sara Nagreen (Mathematics), Jason Pursain (CALS), Elizabeth Simcock (SMPH), Todd Shechter (DoIT), Sara Tate-Peterson (DoIT)


UW-IT Connects

Addresses areas of professional development and networking by creating events and programming to enable a diverse set of opportunities for the community to engage.

UW-IT Mentoring

Connects newer UW-Madison employees with experienced colleagues in peer relationships that enhance skills, knowledge and experience.

Resources for IT staff

Looking for a “one-stop-shop” for valuable campus IT information? Whether you’re a new hire or a seasoned staff member, this resource may have what you’re looking for.

Onboarding resources 

Resources from the Office of Human Resources Communities of Practice.

IT events 

Learn about the IT conferences, meetings and workshops happening on campus.

To add your event, visit and select “SUBMIT AN EVENT.” Select “Add event” and complete the relevant sections. In the Event tags section, type in “IT Event” and it will appear in the list of IT events within 24 hours.

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