University of Wisconsin–Madison

October 22, 2010 Minutes

  1. New Member Introductions: Sharad Brahma Akshar Punuganti, a graduate student in Computer Sciences
    October 2010 Meeting Minutes were approved without changes.
    Approval of 2009/2010 Annual Report to be presented to faculty senate was tabled for next month. The draft report is available at . Comments should be sent to Katrina.
  2. Current Status of the Strategic Plan (Joanne Berg and Carol Gosenheimer)
  3. Email/Calendaring System Update – WiscMail, WiscCal, WiscChat (Brian Rust)
    The upcoming sunsetting of the Oracle calendar system currently in use, and the lack of enthusiasm about the Oracle Beehive alternative, has precipitated the creation of a campus team to explore options for email, calendar and chat tools. Input from several groups throughout campus is sought. There is a WiscCAL survey out to gather input from the broadest possible audience:
    The process for gathering input is key.
    Who is missed in the process?
    • Affiliate groups? Outreach
    • Politicians, taxpayers – is it expandable to stakeholders outside of campus?
    • Disability groups – McBurney students and employees with disabilities.

It may be that the final solution is not a single application. Users may want a choice – for example, currently the campus solution is WiscMail or WiscMailPlus. The new tools may also include more than one choice. No ‘cloud’ alternative is being seriously considered now.

Integration with other email systems both within campus and outside of campus is important.

Collaboration – WISC products and Exchange don’t work well together, making it difficult to coordinate and collaborate within departments and across departments and in the public. This also may require more than one solution.
Rob Kohlhepp: Other Universities in the CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation consortium of Big Ten universities plus Chicago) currently use Google or MS Live for students and Exchange for faculty/staff.

Q. Research Institutions – are they using any protection for intellectual property? This perspective would be useful.

Cross platform (Mac concerns with Calendar) and iPhone or mobile solutions also were cited.
Paul Oliphant: Students don’t calendar on their PC or desktop – they use their phones (Elliot agreed). Mobile full function is needed.

Q. Do we know if student and advisor option available now is being used in the calendar? Chris Holsman said it is being used.
Discussion: The issue is students may not be aware of options. There is a difference in graduate and undergraduate populations in terms of awareness and usage.

Rob: Many are using Google calendar because of the beyond campus options and capabilities.

Additional feedback should be sent to the team via:
Sandy Seiberlich and
Steve Devoti

Project information available at: