University of Wisconsin–Madison

Project Intake & Prioritization

Beginning October 1, 2017 any project that will result in the creation of a new IT service or replacement of an existing IT service will be required to go through the new IT project intake process. This process, which has been developed collaboratively across all technical advisory groups (TAGs) in IT governance, has the following major objectives:

  • Minimize duplication and redundancy of IT services across campus
  • Assess the impact of proposed IT projects on existing IT infrastructure, resources, capacities, and capabilities 
  • Rationalize the existing IT service portfolio of our campus 

In order for these objectives to be met, campus leadership is making this process mandatory regardless of how the project may be funded. Projects seeking campus funding will be reviewed by campus leadership three times per year: September 15, January 15, and May 30. All projects will be evaluated by an initial review group that includes members of the IT Center of Excellence and the TAG Chairs, and recorded in the campus IT Service Catalog. 

Each project proposal will be given an impact score of “low,” “medium,” or “high” based upon factors of duplication or redundancy, implementation cost, impact on existing IT infrastructure, and scope and roles of user base. Low impact proposals will not require a review by IT governance groups. Medium and High impact proposals may require advice and recommendations from IT governance groups to meet the objectives identified above. 

Details about the submission process, the Intake Form, and supplemental materials are published below. Please direct any questions about this new process to your divisional CIO/IT Director, an IT Governance member, or the IT Center of Excellence (

Proposing a project

What you need to know and do

Become a project submitter

In order to become a submitter, send a request to the IT Center of Excellence ( and contact your CIO or the person in the equivalent IT role—e.g., tech coordinator—in your unit for approval.

Questions & Answers

  • Who may submit proposals?

    Divisional CIOs and their delegates may submit proposals.  The divisional CIO should receive a copy of the proposal.

  • Do I need a sponsor for my proposal?

    A project proposal should have a sponsor. Typically – the owner/manager of the business process and/or functionality that the proposed IT service will support. The sponsor must approve the submission.

  • Do I need funding for my proposal?

    Most projects are expected to have their own funding and adequate professional and administrative staff. If a proposal seeks campus funding: The divisional CIO will notify divisional officers (dean/director; associate dean/director; CFO) so they can weigh in on the proposal. A prioritized list will be taken to campus 3 times a year: September, January, May

  • How do I share information about my project with campus?

    The Service Catalog and Project Repository will be used.