University of Wisconsin–Madison

Campus IT Governance begins work

Four UW technology advisory groups have been formed to increase engagement on Information Technology (IT) decision making. The groups, and their charge, stem from the Chancellor’s initiative to provide a framework for decision making related to IT priorities and to review the effectiveness of such investments.

The groups focus input on technology to support four areas of work: teaching and learning, research, infrastructure, and the services that are also provided by the campus units and divisions. They are comprised of faculty, researchers, instructional, administrative, and technology staff. These groups are now meeting regularly, and are beginning to compile a campus wide inventory of IT services. They are also updating a process for collecting and analyzing IT spending across the various units. These steps will provide a foundation for further analysis.

Michael Lehman, Special Advisor to the Chancellor, commented, “Our primary objectives in this area are first to ensure that we increase the collaboration that takes place across campus with regard to IT investments, and second to provide mechanisms to allow the most effective use of our limited resources.”

The groups are also refining a campus cybersecurity threat protection policy that strikes a balance between engagement around research and protection of intellectual property. An overview of the structure and charge, as well as details about individual group progress can be found on this website.

Updates on IT governance are available via email. To join the list, send a message to “”