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Reshaping the Box Service

Key Points

While Box should no longer be used for large volume storage, we do understand there may be circumstances where an increase in account quota may be necessary, especially as we continue to shift how we conduct research, teach courses and accomplish university business. 

If you discover your Box account is approaching its quota, you may request a storage consultation and quota increase. Before submitting a quota increase request, we suggest that you take some time to manage your storage with some account clean-up and review the quota increase use case and approval criteria.  

We also recommend adopting a hybrid approach to storage where Box is only used for storing files that are part of active collaboration work and older files are archived in an alternate service. See UW–Madison’s Data Storage Finderto discover additional centralized storage options currently available. Your local IT departments may also have specialized resources available to you.

Project Updates

Project timeline

High-level milestones

  1. December 2019 – Box announces end to unlimited storage and plans to implement significantly reduced storage cap
  2. February 2020 – Task force established to develop strategies to reduce the campus storage footprint in Box and contain costs to address the contract changes
  3. March 2020 – Campus Engagements: Listening sessions and survey
  4. April 2020 – Advisory Group sponsor presentation
  5. May 2020 – Box storage quota plan sent through communication channels, Box Storage Reduction Project (phase two) is considered
  6. June 2020 – Storage quotas are implemented
  7. July 2020 – Increased storage cap announced, Focus pivots from storage reduction to storage management, COVID/Fall semester demands pause additional project activity
  8. February 2021 – UW-Madison enters into three year service agreement that sets Box licensing costs through 12/31/2023.
  9. July 2021 – New UW-Madison Box Service framework published.

Project Team

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Executive Sponsors


Project Lead

  • Dawn Karls, Service Manager DoIT User Services

Task Force Advisory Group

  • C. Shawn Green, Information Technology Committee
  • Robin Fisher, Information Technology Committee
  • John Parrish, Teaching and Learning Technology Advisory Group
  • Torrin Bechtel, Associated Students of Madison
  • Bill Tishler, Academic Staff Executive Committee
  • Erik Geiger, University Staff Shared Governance
  • Todd Shechter, Chief Technology Officer
  • James Walker, Research Technology Advisory Group

Task Force Working Group

  • Jeannine Bos, Productivity & Collaborative Solutions, DoIT
  • Kevin Breese, AIMS, Wisconsin Union
  • Shawn Cannon, Productivity & Collaborative Solutions, DoIT
  • Christina Gomez, Productivity & Collaborative Solutions, DoIT
  • Bethany Gordy, Academic Technology, DoIT
  • Lisa Jansen, Learning Support Services, L&S
  • Robert Kohlhepp, CAE, College of Engineering
  • Jeff Korab, Administration, SMPH
  • Tobin Magle, Research Cyberinfrastructure, Office of CIO
  • Ben Pommerening, Departmental Support, DoIT
  • Tyler Schultz, IT Shared Services, SMPH
  • Stefan Wahe, Administrative Computing, CALS


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