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WiscList Main: Before You Migrate

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How do I decide whether to switch to Google Groups or O365 Groups?

We are recommending Google Groups or Office 365 Groups as a replacement for standard lists in the WiscList Main Service. 

We anticipate that most WiscList users will choose Google Groups, since many of the current administrative features are similar between the two services. The WiscList list migration button is available to most accounts (under 3000 members) and seamlessly migrates your list to Google Groups.

To help you choose which option will best meet your needs, please visit our KB, “Which distribution list should I pick?

Will I still be able to use my email address for my list?

Google Groups

Yes, with some limitations. For Google Groups users, will be able to use your group as you always have. This original email address will point to the new address and automatically forward those messages to your new Google Group.

Please note, email commands (i.e., subscribe or unsubscribe) that are sent to your WiscList address will not forward to your Google Group. If an individual would like to join your Google Group, they will need to email your group’s address, not the WiscList address.

Office 365 Groups

Office 365 users will not be able to use the old email address to forward their emails to the new groups. You must administer your list completely in O365.

How do I migrate my existing WiscList into Google Groups?

The WiscList team developed a migration button to allow easy migration from WiscList to Google Groups. If your list is eligible, you will see this button when you access your list in the current WiscList admin interface. This process will take you about two minutes, and in ten minutes your new Google Group will be fully functional.

To migrate your list to Google Groups, click the button on your WiscList administrator page and follow the process. 

Larger lists (>3000 members) require additional assistance, so the migration button will not appear as an option. Contact us at to set up a time with us to migrate your list.

For detailed information on this process, please see “Migrate from WiscList Main to Google Groups.”

How do I migrate my existing WiscList into Office 365?

This is a manual process where you create the Office 365 group and then add members to it. For more information on how to complete this process, please see Office 365 – Getting Started with Groups.

I have a ton of email distribution lists. Can you help me?

Yes, please contact us and we will arrange a batch migration for people with multiple lists.

What happens behind the scenes during the WiscList-to-Google Groups Migration process?

The automated migration button for Google Groups will run through some verification steps and then will:

  1. Create a Google Group with the same name and security/moderation settings
  2. Copy all administrators and members to the Google Group excluding the ones who failed verification processes
  3. Set administrator to No Mail on the WiscList
  4. Remove all members from the WiscList
  5. Set the WiscList to forward to the Google Group by adding it as a list member. 

For detailed information on this process, please see “Migrate from WiscList Main to Google Groups.”

WiscList Main: After You Migrate

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I switched to Google Groups. Now what?

I switched to O365 groups. Now what?

How do I create a new Email List in Google Groups?

To create a new email list in Google Groups, please go to UW-Madison G Suite – Create a Google Group and follow the instructions.

How do I update/manage my Email List in Google Groups?

To access and configure all of your groups, visit your Google Groups Administration page. Click on the My Groups option and you will see the list of the groups where you are a member. Click on the group you wish to update or edit and you will be presented with options for updating in the bottom right of your screen. Select the appropriate options.

For additional information on managing your groups, please see Learn how to manage a Google Group.

Are there message limits on lists in Google Groups?

The message limits of Google Groups are documented here:

Can I still receive email sent to the address after the WiscList Admin site is removed?

The WiscList Admin site will be removed on January 2021.

The removal of the WiscList Admin site will not impact your ability to receive email from colleagues who continue to email your old address. Emails sent to the original address will continue to be redirected to your new Google Group. 

To ensure the best experience after your list migrates, please encourage your colleagues to update your group’s email address in their address book. 

WiscList Email Marketing, ClassLists, and CustomLists

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Where do I get information about Eloqua?

The UW–‍Madison Eloqua Service is provided by the Division of Continuing Studies. For information on this service and how to get started, please go to their Marketing Automation website

How will ClassLists work after the move to Google Groups?

There will be a new website. More info to follow.

How do I request a new Custom WiscList?

There will be a new website. More info to follow.



David Pagenkopf, Deputy Chief Information Officer

  • Derrian Jones, Assistant Director – PCS
  • Cathy Riley, Portfolio Manager – User Services
  • Jesse Thompson, Solutions Architect – User Services
  • Josh Olson, WiscList Service Team
  • David Karnowski, GSuite Service Team Lead
  • Jacob Fortune, ECC Service Team
  • Christina Gomez, ECC Service Team


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