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Zoom Implementation Project

UW–Madison Zoom is an enterprise cloud platform for video, voice, online meetings, screen sharing, chat and webinars. This web conferencing and distance learning application runs across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

When campus shut down in March with the early uncertainty of COVID-19, our faculty quickly learned and implemented new tools to best accommodate the classroom experience. With their experience, and in anticipation of the ongoing need for nimble virtual classrooms, UW–Madison faculty called for an enterprise Zoom license in time for the fall semester. In response, DoIT outlined a pathway to implement a secure, viable product in a very short period of time.  

The Zoom implementation project mission is to deliver a superior virtual teaching and learning experience for faculty and students at UW–Madison through the implementation of Zoom, in addition to the other web conferencing tools that are licensed today.

UW-Madison Zoom is available now. See our announcement from August 31.

Project Task Force

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Executive Sponsors

Service Owners

  • Tamara Walker, Director of User Services 
  • Derrian Jones, Assistant Director of DoIT User Services

Working Group

  • Project Manager: Tim Doyle
  • Scrum Master: Jesse Thompson
  • Procurement: Bruce Riley
  • Product Owner Support: Robert Merrill
  • Cybersecurity: Patti Havilcek & John Nagler
  • Accessibility: Sandi Arendalkowski
  • Service Implementation and Administration: Jesse Thompson, David Karnowski, Jacob Fortune
  • Support: Cathy Riley, James McKay, Patrick Johnson
  • Communications: Lauren Bruce
  • Policy Development: Sara Tate-Pederson

Advisory Group

Faculty Representative (s)

  • John J Parrish
  • Dan Negrut 
  • Beth Martin 
  • Dorothy Farrar Edwards 
  • Laurie Silverberg-Elwert

Faculty Governance Representative (s)

  • Joe Salmons, Shawn Green

Community Outreach Representative (s)

  • Greg Johll, UW Extension
  • Tony Roman
  • Lisa Hull, Records Custodian, Office of Compliance

HIPAA Policy Representatives

  • Amanda Reese, Staci Lowe

Student Representatives

  • Selma Fairach, Ethan Simonen, Torrin Bechtel

Campus IT Representatives

  • Jeff Korab, SMPH
  • Will May, HC White
  • Vladimir Brik, IceCube
  • Maria Widmer, Instructional Technology Group

Project Timeline

High-Level Milestones

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• Faculty surveys express strong desire for Zoom
• Establish project

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• Sign enterprise contract with Zoom service
• FERPA/HIPAA security requirements met

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• Launch UHS subaccount for telemedicine
and COVID-19 tracking
• Implement general-purpose service
• Tailor settings for classroom teaching & learning
• Conduct ongoing assessments for desired future state
• Engage with existing UW Zoom accounts for migration


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• Refine services to meet user needs
• Implement campus-wide training opportunities
• Make HIPAA controls for additional use cases
• Continue assessing UW–Madison account migrations

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• Full enterprise implementation complete

Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm interested in using Zoom for classes and meetings. How do I start?

Please see our KB “UW–Madison Zoom – Getting started” for information on eligibility, logging in, meeting controls, and more. As the Zoom implementation project evolves, we will continue to develop more supporting documentation that will be located in the Zoom KnowledgeBase.

I already have an account with Zoom. Can I merge this with UW–Madison's Zoom implementation?

You can! Prepare your account for merging with the UW–Madison Zoom implementation by making sure your Zoom email account is your NetID email address ( See here for instructions.

What kind of benefits does Zoom offer?

Zoom offers an array of benefits that make teleconferencing easy and dynamic for many classroom and business uses.

  • Easy scheduling, including recurring meetings and integration with Outlook
  • Ability to have up to 49 participants on one screen
  • Breakout rooms that may be pre-assigned by the host
  • Waiting rooms so hosts can organize incoming attendees if desired
  • Whiteboard technology that makes collaboration agile and fun
  • Up to 300 people in a meeting
  • Polling and surveys with immediate results
  • Connectivity options across desktops, mobile, web browsers and traditional phone
  • Recording available

Can I integrate Zoom meetings with my Outlook calendar?

Yes! Download the Zoom for Outlook add-in for easy integration.

I need assistance with Zoom accessibility. Can you help me?

Yes! For information regarding the Zoom accessibility and usability, to report a barrier, or get accessibility assistance see the Zoom – Accessibility and Usability Information KB. For accessibility and usability information on all campus web conferencing technologies, see the Plan & host an accessible online event KB.


Feedback Loop


If you have questions about the Zoom Implementation Project, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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