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Infrastructure Technology Advisory Group

The Infrastructure Technology Advisory Group (ITAG) is an IT Governance TAG group focused on the following:

  • Representing and advocating for the IT infrastructure needs of colleges, schools and administrative units at UW-­Madison
  • Leading, guiding and supporting decisions related to aligning IT infrastructure priorities and investments with the core missions of teaching and research at UW-­Madison
  • Analyzing, evaluating and endorsing proposed IT infrastructure policies, resolutions, initiatives, operations and projects that strive to advance the mission of UW­-Madison
  • Making recommendations concerning the IT infrastructure needs and priorities of colleges, schools and administrative units to senior levels of IT

At a glance

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Meeting Schedule

3rd Monday of each month
3139 Computer Science, 1210 Dayton St

Future Meetings

ITAG Works in Progress

No works-in-progress are currently assigned to ITAG

ITAG Members

Name Role Campus Unit
Steve Barnet Non-DoIT appointee from the Divisional Technology Advisory Group (DTAG) WIPAC
Kevin Cherek Appointee from the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration AIMS
Steve Hahn Appointee from the Provost Office Enrollment Management
Elizabeth Harris Non-DoIT appointee from T&L Technology Advisory Group (TLTAG) College of Engineering
Joe Johnson Appointee from Cloud Infrastructure Group CIO Office
Lee Konrad Appointee from Library Technology Group LTG
Richard Kunert Non-DoIT appointee from Network Advisory Group (NAG) BioTech Ctr
Dawn McCauley Director, IT Center of Excellence CIO Office
Dundee McNair Non- DoIT appointee from the Administrative Council (AC) Nursing
Kristen McRoberts Appointee from the Division of Enrollment Management DEM, Financial Aid
Scott Nolin Non-DoIT appointee from the Research Technology Advisory Group (RTAG) Space Sciences
Jason Pursian Non-DoIT appointee from Madison Information Security Team (MIST) CALS
Tyler Schultz Non-DoIT appointee from SMPH SMPH
Alan Silver Non-DoIT appointee from CCI Infrastructure Advisory Group Chemistry
Jeanne Skul DoIT Director of Network Services (NS) DoIT
Tadd Smejkal DoIT Director of System Engineering & Operations (SEO) DoIT
Joe Tarter DoIT Director of Enterprise Internet Services (EIS) DoIT
David Towers Non-DoIT appointee from the Divisional Technology Advisory Group (DTAG)  School of Business
Bob Turner Chief Information Security Officer CIO Office
TBD Appointee from the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics  
DoIT Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Upcoming Meetings

January 14, 2019 – 3:00 – 4:30pm, 3139 Computer Science, 1210 Dayton St

ITAG-Sponsored Councils