ITLP Forward


Graduates of the popular Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) can play a key role in the experience of the incoming ITLP cohorts for support and networking through the ITLP formal program.

Meeting structure

ITLP Forward organizes regular activities that engage ITLP students throughout their formal program and prepares them to step up and lead on campus. Programming and activities include priority launch meetings, informative brownbag presentations, activities to promote and teach about logistics management, leadership techniques, peer coaching and mentorship.


Search for ITLP Forward events on the UW-Madison event calendar.


ITLP Forward members are graduates of the Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP). These ITLP alumni share their expertise and experience with students currently in the ITLP program.


Steering Team:

  • Samantha Pegelow (DoIT)
  • Anna Lewis (MERIT)
  • Tom Jordan (DoIT)
  • Mary Evansen (DoIT)
  • Jonathan Klein (Learning Support Services)
  • Nicholas Tincher (Office of VC for Research and Graduate Education)
  • Ching-tzu Chien (DoIT)