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Words from Alumni

“I was at a point in my career where I wanted to take the next step to “lead from where you are.” The MOR IT Leadership Program gave me the tools and the confidence to lead complex projects, engage in difficult conversations, and reframe the way I approach each day. The MOR leaders brought valuable work and life experiences to the program, teaching effective methods for leading in any organization. Because the program is structured over a 9-month period, I was able to practice these new methodologies and receive coaching after each session. This was by far the best leadership program I’ve attended in my career, and I’m grateful for the experience.”

Laura Grady - 2016 ITLP Graduate

“No one tells you how to be a leader. You get put into situations where you asked to lead, and many of us have to figure out how to do it. The biggest impact for me on the ITLP program was to stop, and really think about what being a leader means. The ITLP program helped me with a framework of what leaders do. It helped me redevelop my relationships into something that I can use to make my work better and make my workplace better. Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on something that I learned from the MOR ITLP experience. It’s incredibly valuable…perhaps even life-changing! Even if you don’t consider yourself a leader, it’s one of those things that broadens how you see the world around you. I highly recommend it to anyone!”

Sara Nagreen – 2017 ITLP Graduate

“The MOR ITLP program helped me grow both professionally and personally in ways that I had not expected. Three subject areas that I regularly use are: Presence, Being Intentional, and Feedback. These concepts guide me in being authentic, effective, and growing while helping others to grow. I am immeasurably grateful for the experiences I had and relationships I built.”

Sabrina Messer – 2017 ITLP Graduate

“The MOR IT Leadership program was an extraordinary learning opportunity. I frequently call upon the learning we shared and find the program’s strengths to be worth the investment in time. Specifically, in an early session, we received a table tent card with reminders on it. This card occupies a visible place in my office and keeps me focused on a select group of statements: Presence matters, use 4I’s to build relationships, be intentional about leading, managing, and doing, and always remember that there are the lenses to change, strategic, political, and cultural. These statements resonate with my work and have contributed to my impact at UW. I would not be the same leader without MOR’s ITLP and wish many more the same experience.”

Steve Van Der Wiede – 2017 ITLP Graduate

“The MOR Leaders Program was and has been the best Leadership program that I’ve attended during my career. The most valuable takeaways for me were the connections I made throughout and after the program, and the training that helped me to assess any situation with different perspectives.”

Ching-tzu Chien – 2014 ITLP Graduate

“The MOR leadership program has been one of the best investment of career, as far as training goes. It gave me a new perspective about what a leadership is about. It helps me understand that we all should be a leader, by being a change agent, at our individual level within our organization. I have constantly used many of the tools, and techniques taught to us during the program in my decision-making processes. "

Fresnel Houecande – 2017 ITLP Graduate

"The opportunity to participate in the MORs IT Leadership Program was an experience I am very grateful for and I continue to reap all the rewards well beyond the conclusion of the formal UW ITLP program. The tools and best practices I learned from the program have been instrumental in my journey here at UW-Madison in applying my leadership at all levels, but most importantly, I believe are the relationships and new connections I was able to make throughout the program that continue to broaden my perspective and lead me to new opportunities."

Dawn Karls – 2017 ITLP Graduate


ITLP Alumni come from all different schools and colleges around campus. They are always willing to share their expertise and experience with the current cohorts.

Meeting structure

ITLP Forward organizes regular activities that engage ITLP students throughout their formal program and prepares them to step up and lead on campus. Programming and activities include priority launch meetings, informative brown bag presentations, activities to promote and teach about logistics management, leadership techniques, peer coaching and mentorship.

Steering Team

  • Barb Smith Simons (School of Education)
  • Luke Bluma (Transportation Services)
  • Tom Jordan (DoIT)
  • Jesse La Grew (DoIT)
  • Alan Silver (Chemistry)
  • Sara Tate-Pederson (AIMS)

If you are an ITLP graduate who is interested in playing a leading role in influencing staff going through the ITLP program, contact the steering committee by emailing Luke Bluma or Barb Smith Simons.