University of Wisconsin–Madison

Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee’s objective is to provide a student perspective to shape services from DoIT and other campus partners.

Student Advisory Committee members share their opinions on technology and other campus services. The Committee is a group of 30 students from all facets of campus life who are willing to weigh in on a variety of technology-related topics. The 2016-2017 SAC will meet approximately monthly through the school year.

Student Advisory Committee members:

  • Provide feedback on a variety of information technology topics. They are expected to participate fully in all discussions.
  • Share opinions and ideas on specific strategies for reaching UW-Madison students.
  • Offer advice on future technologies DoIT and/or campus should consider implementing.
  • Serve as a liaison, as appropriate and as able, between DoIT and the UW-Madison student population.
  • Occasionally test new products and/or review new services before they are announced to campus.
  • Assist DoIT in building awareness of information technology products and services by helping to disseminate information.
  • Help shape and/or provide feedback on DoIT’s student promotional/awareness campaigns.

Student Advisory Committee Members are expected to:

  • Meet six-seven times during the school year.
  • Be available to conduct user testing throughout the year.
  • Share perspectives and opinions regarding technology, based on individual and collective experiences as students.
  • Help drive discussions by selecting meeting topics which could include learning management systems such as Learn@UW, UW Libraries, Student Center, MyUW, mobile applications, product reviews, and more.
  • RSVP for each meeting.
  • Attend at least four meetings (two each semester) and/or participate in additional outside projects in order to receive a $200 payment at the end of the school year.

Meeting structure

The DoIT Student Advisory Committee meets six-seven times over the course of the academic year. Meetings are held 4–5:30 p.m., usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The meeting days shift each month to accommodate as many schedules as possible.

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