Student Information Technology Initiative (SITIAC)


The SITIAC shared advisory committee provides input concerning the allocation and use of student information technology fees, specifically for new, potentially enterprise-level technologies or technology-related support services that have the potential to serve all students on campus.

As the educational experience becomes more tightly coupled with technology, it will be vital for students to have a direct say in how the infrastructure evolves. The committee’s goal is to continuously improve the program as information technology service needs for students evolve.


University Committee Appointees

Gregory A Moses
College Of Engineering, Engineering Physics Mechanical Engineering
(608) 265-6567

Nicholas D Cahill
College of Letters and Science, Art History
(608) 263-8980

Brian W Gould
Associate Professor
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, Agricultural & Applied Economics
(608) 263-3212
(608) 262-5970

ASM Shared Governance Committee Appointees

Erik Paulson

Joshua Gachnang

William Easton
Academic Staff Executive Committee Appointees

Max Coller (Fredric M)
Graduate School
(608) 262-1029

Dave Luke
General Library
(608) 262-2979

Lalita M Du Perron
Associate Faculty Assoc
College Of Letters And Science
Center For South Asia
(608) 262-3209

CIO Office Appointees

Cathy O’Bryan
DoIT/CIO Office
(608) 263-7788