End of life software/products

Last updated Nov 21, 2019

Every product has a lifecycle. When software products reach what’s commonly known in the IT world as “end of life,” it no longer receives free security updates and fixes, software updates, or technical support. That leaves computers running that software easy targets for hackers, viruses, malware, data theft and data loss.

Campus policy requires that devices connected to the UW network must run up-to-date anti-virus software and keep all operating system software, device firmware, application software and other software current with the latest security-related patches from the vendor. After software reaches its end of life, without action on your part it will no longer be in compliance with campus policy.

Click the buttons below to learn what you need to do if you’re using Windows operating system software that is reaching its end of life.

Product, deadline, what to do

Windows 7 logo

Windows 7

End of life date: Jan 14, 2020

UW owns device

You own device

Windows Server 2008 logo

Windows Server 2008/2008R2

End of life date: Jan 14, 2020

UW owns device