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Last updated October 20, 2022

Microsoft announced an upcoming security update that requires all Office 365 users to reconfigure their email logins on their various devices, a change that affects about 15% of UW—Madison email users.

If we contacted you by email about your O365 email settings, you need to make this change on every device and email software that connects with UW—Madison email, including all email clients on your mobile devices and tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and university line of business applications.

Many users already have the correct email configuration required by Microsoft moving forward and will experience no interruptions to their email access. To find out whether your email is already correctly configured, you can log into your email administration page and verify that your O365 password security is set to “enabled”.

Verify your email setups

The below links offer instructions on how to verify your email client. Choose the link that corresponds with your email client and operating system or device.

Apple Mail/Calendar for

Mac OS 10.8

Mac OS 10.9

Mac OS 10.10

Other email clients


If you don’t see your email client on these lists, here’s why.

Project timeline

High-level milestones

Microsoft announced an upcoming security update that will affect all Office 365 users.

All Office 365 users may start updating email settings

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Users who haven’t updated their settings will experience an interruption until updating.

Frequently asked questions

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Why don’t I see my email client on the "verify your email setups" lists above?

Even though Microsoft provides the ability to connect to your Office 365 account using a variety of clients and protocols, for the best experience and complete support, Microsoft recommends connecting through one of the following ways:

  • Via the Exchange protocol MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface), within the most current version of the Outlook desktop client
  • Using the most current version of the Outlook app for iOS or Android
  • Connecting to Outlook on the web using one of the recommended or supported web browsers

Some users prefer standards-based email clients like Thunderbird or Mutt to access their email. Those clients may require updates to work with Modern Authentication in Office 365. The UW–‍Madison Office 365 team has reached out to various vendors and developers to support and test these clients and to advocate for our customers.

What is modern authentication and why is Microsoft making this change?

Modern Authentication is part of a wider industry trend toward adopting more secure login processes, which helps prevent bad actors from accessing sensitive information through malicious attacks.

How will this change how I access email?

If your email and/or calendar client uses Modern Authentication, your credentials are not sent to Office 365 (Exchange Online). Instead, you’ll be redirected to the NetID Login screen. If your account is protected by Duo MFA, you will be required to confirm your login. Your client may maintain a connection to Office 365 with an OAuth token, so you may not be required to use NetID Login each time you use the client.

I’m running an older Office version (Office 2013 or Office 2016). What should I do?

It’s time to upgrade your version of Office 365. Follow the Office 365 link that corresponds to your operating system to get started.

I use a POP (Post Office Protocol) to connect my email to Gmail (or another cloud email client). What should I do?

Microsoft supports modern authentication with the POP protocol. If your client supports modern authentication, please reconfigure your client and enable password security for your Office 365 account. If your client does not yet support modern authentication, feel free to open calls with vendors, submit bug reports to developers, engage with client communities, and/or research alternatives.

I have a service account with a line of business application. What should I do?

Please contact We will schedule a consultation to assist with your transition.

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