University of Wisconsin–Madison
Ten Things to Know

10 tech tips for your first week on campus

Before classes start, get tech-ready with these 10 tips so you have all the apps and tools necessary to get through the semester.

  1. Bookmark MyUW to find helpful apps like Academic Navigator, Wiscard Balance and more.
  2. While you’re in MyUW, add the UW Course Search & Enroll app to add, drop or swap classes.
  3. Read our handy guide on what to do after you’ve arrived and settled in on campus.
  4. Set up your wireless network with either eduroam or UWNet.
  5. Explore campus life with the events calendar.
  6. Check out the Tech Learning Centers in the dorms to get your first course assignment printed.
  7. Then get to know the computer lab nearest you for more digital resources to complete class work.
  8. Get free software training for your software needs. 
  9. Consult the Tech Store Transition guide to find alternative sources for your technology needs, now that the DoIT Tech Store has closed.
  10. Finally, you can count on the DoIT Help Desk to assist with any tech trouble.