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7 ways to keep your data safe online

Protecting your privacy online can seem like a full time job. Fortunately, the best ways to keep your data safe and private don’t actually require you to make it a career of it. In the time it takes to walk to the Union for a cup of coffee, you can learn many of them. Here are seven of the best ways to help keep your data safe online.

Opting out of Data Collection

It’s not always easy to control the information that others collect about you, but here are six easy opt-outs to consider to protect your privacy.

Use Strong Passwords

Passwords are our first line of defense against many threats to online privacy. Despite this, many of us continue using weak or easily guessed passwords, such as “123456” or “password.” Hackers have dozens of tools at their disposal for cracking passwords. Simple passwords can be cracked in matter of seconds. Yet its easy to create easy-to-remember but hard-to-guess passwords using simple methods. Learn How to select, manage & protect your passwords.

Protect your online identity from scams

Learn steps to greatly reduce your risk of identity theft,  recognize phishing attempts, and scams, what to and not to do to protect yourself online.

Protect your online identity from scams.

Secure your computer and mobile devices

Secure your computer by using anti-virus software,  updating applications, devices and OSes with security patches and, whenever possible, maintaining a dedicated firewall. 

Secure your mobile device by using encryption, managing app permissions, limiting use of open WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Connect Securely to the campus Network

Stay virus free, safeguard valuable information, find and fix your Windows PC’s weak spots, and protect yourself on open networks using WiscVPN.

Connect securely to the campus network

Take Control of your online privacy settings

Want to view or change your privacy or security settings, but don’t know where to find them?

Use the direct links in the article linked below to update your privacy settings on 35 popular devices and online services. Also, learn more about how to keep your computer and personal data safe on the UW-Madison network.

35 ways to check your privacy settings

Two things to look for in a secure website

One vital thing you must do to keep your personal data safe is to make sure that the websites you enter that data on are secure. There 2 quick and easy ways to do so.

 Learn the 2 things to look for in a secure website.