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9 apps to help you finish the semester strong

Keeping organized can help make your day run smoother, and you already have a device in your pocket that can help: smartphone apps. You can choose to make your smartphone a distraction or you can try to use it to help simplify life and help you move through the day more fluidly. Try out one or all these apps, for Android and iOS, to see if they can help you finish the semester strong.


Between classes, assignments, exams, extra curricular activities, work, and countless other responsibilities, life can become stressful and difficult to keep track of everything. Here are five apps to help organize your tasks, save time, limit distractions, and help you relax.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a place to store notes, lists, photos, audio recordings, and finger or stylus scribbles. You can organize notes by tagging or color coordinating them. There’s even the ability to collaborate with other people on tasks such as grocery lists or class projects.

Wisconsin App

The Wisconsin App can help you save time by having many important topics in one app. The app includes information about bus schedules, campus maps, events on campus, Learn@UW, News, and dining.

Flora for iOS

Flora is an app for iOS that helps you or a group limit distractions by keeping you from using all applications on your phone. First, set a timer to start growing a tree. If anyone exits the app your tree will die, but if you make it until the timer goes off, you’ll grow a tree in your garden. This healthy tree will be a visual of how focused and dedicated you were to putting down the phone to focus, study, or relax.

Cold Turkey for Android

This productivity tool for Android can block distractions like apps, websites, or your entire phone. Similar to Flora, Cold Turkey can be used to temporarily restrict you from using your phone so you can boost productivity, concentrate on your studies, and focus on work and projects.

The Mindfulness App

This app can help you relax and improve overall well-being. It has many options for every level of meditation and offers guided and silent sessions from three to 30 minutes. Meditation apps like this can help you return to a more productive mindset.


Spending too much money on take-out? Want to keep track of what you’re buying? Here are a few apps that can help you limit your spending and maximize your bank account.


Use this app to help control and keep track of your personal finances. Mint has multiple functions – track spending, pay bills, and set up a budget for different categories, like clothes, food, or travel.

General Bank and Credit Union apps

It’s quite possible that your bank or credit union has its own app. Here are some that offer this: UW Credit Union, Associated Bank, Bank of America, Bank Mutual, BMO Harris, Johnson Bank, US Bank, and Wells Fargo.


Sleep is a crucial part of our day, but so is waking up to go to class. Here are two apps that will make sure you don’t hit snooze again and will help you track your sleep to make sure you get a great night’s rest.


This alarm clock will wake you up before you have the chance to think about hitting snooze. To turn the alarm off you can take a photo that matches one you’ve already registered, solved a math problem, or shake the phone for a certain duration of time.

Sleep Better

The Sleep Better app can help improve and monitor your sleep habits and lets you keep track of your dreams. It can assist you in figuring out what’s influencing your sleep habits (like stress, caffeine, and amount of sleep), and then can help you improve those sleep habits.


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