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AI meeting assistants & university data: What you need to know

As we explore how generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools can enhance virtual meetings, it is crucial to prioritize university data privacy and security. We are working diligently with university partners to review tools and offer an enterprise meeting summary solution to benefit the entire university.

In the meantime, please remember:

  • The university has not approved any generative AI meeting assistant tools
  • Tools like and collect, store and share information within the tool, potentially exposing protected university data such as FERPA, HIPAA, and other internal, sensitive or restricted data
  • You may only use public data with these tools until we have an enterprise solution

Protect yourself and the university: Review UW’s generative AI use & policies and data classification resources.

We are reviewing solutions available in our current virtual meeting platforms and hope to provide an enterprise solution for the fall semester. Thank you for your cooperation and for safeguarding university data and our students’ and employees’ privacy.

For technology questions, please contact Chief Technology Officer Todd Shechter at For other questions, please contact Assistant Director for Data Privacy and Transparency Claire Dalle Molle at

Thank you for your partnership,

—Office of the Chief Technology Officer
—Office of Compliance