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Antivirus solutions to replace Symantec

The UW–Madison license for Symantec Antivirus will end on June 24 for students and July 31 for faculty and staff. You can read the details about the Symantec expiration and availability at Endpoint Security – Campus Symantec License Expiration (Source: KB 102577). 

The replacement antivirus solutions will differ based on whether the device is owned by the university or personally owned, which sometimes is referred to as “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD).  The roadmap for these options can be found at Endpoint Security – Cybersecurity Roadmap & Recommended Antivirus Solutions (Source: KB 101730).

For UW-owned devices

If you have Symantec Antivirus installed on your UW-owned device, your IT administrator will handle the removal and update to the new Cisco AMP tool.

For personally-owned devices

If you have downloaded and installed Symantec Antivirus on your personal device, please remove it before June 24 (for students) or July 31 (for faculty/staff) using these instructions:

Go to the Endpoint Management & Security Project website for additional information. If you have questions about the Endpoint Management & Security Project, please refer to Endpoint Security – FAQ for the Endpoint Protection Project (Source: KB 103327) or direct additional questions to

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