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Bruce Maas to retire

Yes, it is true. I will be retiring in the Spring of 2017. The announcement on Inside UW makes it official. While the announcement is appropriately brief, I thought I would take some time to provide some additional context, and chart out what some of my focus is going to be over the remaining time… Continue Reading Bruce Maas to retire

Keep Calm and Carry On

Recent news of the Governor’s proposed budget cut for the University of Wisconsin System has many in our community asking questions about what this means for IT. One thing it has not changed is the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s multi-year approach to reducing total institutional costs to deliver IT services.  Through Educational Innovation, Advanced Computing Initiative and… Continue Reading Keep Calm and Carry On

2015 Strategic IT Initiatives

Welcome to the start of another academic year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This promises to be a year of challenges and opportunities, depending in part on how adaptable we are. Aligning a long-successful comprehensive public land grant university with new opportunities can be daunting. History has demonstrated many times over that the most successful… Continue Reading 2015 Strategic IT Initiatives

Security, Privacy, and Risk

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and its leadership are concerned about the threat privacy and security risks pose to our core mission. Not a day goes by without the report of a business, government, or other organization experiencing reputational or other damage due to one form of security breach or another. To improve the UW’s position… Continue Reading Security, Privacy, and Risk

Unizin is good for students, faculty, and the private sector

Unizen News Unizin’s web site Internet2 Chronicle of Higher Education Inside Higher Ed Canvas Announcement Background edcetera There is an exciting new development in the teaching and learning space that you need to know about. It’s called Unizin. Simply put, Unizin is a consortium of universities formed around the idea that higher education—and not just… Continue Reading Unizin is good for students, faculty, and the private sector

Getting it right, from the beginning – design for accessibility

It makes intuitive sense that our web sites, content and software need to be usable by the intended audience. That audience includes people with disabilities, but sometimes that gets missed when we’re gathering requirements or designing solutions. We need to respond when people with diverse abilities contact us about the difficulties they are having in… Continue Reading Getting it right, from the beginning – design for accessibility

Enterprise IT Decision-Making

Like all universities, UW-Madison has been affected by a combination of forces requiring us to re-examine our core business model and how we align resources with our mission.  We universities find ourselves at a crossroads. A perfect storm of permanent changes to economic conditions, along with transformational changes in IT and communications capabilities create both… Continue Reading Enterprise IT Decision-Making

Broadband issues in our State impact all of us

Wisconsin continues to be a place where issues of national interest surface. Recently, the Public Service Commission sponsored the 2013 Broadband Planning Symposium where 160 individuals from many different sectors spent two days sharing perspectives on broadband. This effort is being coordinated through the Link Wisconsin initiative. Governor Walker also attended this Symposium. It is notable that pervasive, affordable, gigabit… Continue Reading Broadband issues in our State impact all of us