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Important changes at the DoIT Tech Store

Earlier this month, several changes took place regarding sales in the DoIT Tech Store. As we implement these changes, we want you to be aware of how these changes may impact you and your department.

Changes to Tech Store pricing

The Tech Store is updating prices and beginning to display a more detailed breakdown for its products. Shop@UW — UW-Madison Business Services’ e-commerce marketplace — implemented the same pricing breakdown for their products earlier this year. We both made these changes to comply with federal cost accounting disclosures for university retail pricing.

Product pricing now displays any product discount, a Tech Store service assessment, and the total order price. The service assessment reflects the operational costs of the services we provide, which include stocking frequently needed products at our three campus locations, expert consulting, comprehensive order management, and technical support.

Procards no longer accepted

In support of Business Services’ purchasing-improvement initiatives, we are no longer able to accept departmental purchasing cards (Procards) from UW–Madison purchasers. We will help departmental customers create and use DoIT numbers for their Tech Store purchases.  

Dell departmental sales transition to Shop@UW

In order to obtain the best pricing from Dell, all university purchases of Dell products will be transacted through Shop@UW. A single, streamlined ordering process ensures that the lowest contract pricing and most up-to-date product offerings are available to departments.

Shop@UW’s customer service team will assist with a variety of issues including package tracking, order status questions, and returns. The DoIT Tech Store will continue to consult with, offer recommendations to, and demo Dell products for departmental purchasers. However we will no longer stock Dell hardware for departmental purchase.

Note: This applies to Dell departmental purchases only. Personal purchases of Dell products will still be done at the DoIT Tech Store.

Departmental purchasers who have not used Shop@UW before will need to set up a Shop@UW account. To dig deeper, go to Shop@UW’s FAQ page.

For questions or additional information, please email the DoIT Tech Store or Shop@UW Customer Service.