University of Wisconsin–Madison

Create and share your videos and photos

The UW-Madison Kaltura implementation team is preparing to launch its rich media service to campus this week. Called Kaltura MediaSpace, users can record, upload, publish, search, and share media.

MediaSpace functions similarly to YouTube and offers the following features:

  • Easy upload, transcoding, and publishing of media – Upload video, audio, and images using a simple interface. Files are transcoded for web, HD, or mobile delivery across various devices and platforms. The Kaltura player will detect the device and platform and adjust the playback accordingly for optimal viewing.
  • Share your media – Published media can be accessed by just you or multiple users. Create playlists, embed media in a web page, or use media in a Desire2Learn or Moodle course.
  • Personal media gallery – Manage your own collection of media and share it with others if you choose.
  • Webcam video recording – Use your webcam to capture videos, including welcome messages, introductions and simple demonstrations.
  • Screen recording – Record your screen, including audio and webcam feeds, to create and share lectures, presentations, tutorials, and more.
  • Captions – Upload multi-lingual captions to reach international, multi-lingual, and hearing-impaired audiences. After you upload captions, they can be searched; search results allow skipping directly to the relevant part of the video.
  • Comments – Comments can be made on media.
  • Analytics – Analytics reports containing data about media consumption, users, and usage are available.

To get started, visit and login with your NetID and password. If you need assistance, see the UW-Madison Kaltura help documents.