University of Wisconsin–Madison

Customize MyUW for 2019

Start 2019 right with MyUW in two ways: by updating your contact information, and by customizing your MyUW experience.

Update your contact information:

Have you moved over the break? Even if you stayed in the same residence, give the university its best chance to reach you in an emergency by verifying your emergency contact information via MyUW.

Also, be sure the university knows how you wish to be addressed by setting or verifying your preferred name. (The default SHOUTY CASE may not be your best look.)

Customize MyUW to your needs:

Set up your MyUW home page for ready access to the tools you use.

Re-order the tiles: From a desktop or laptop computer browser, drag-and-drop the tiles on your MyUW home page to an order that works best for you.

Remove tiles: Via the “” contextual menu on each tile, you can remove it from your MyUW home page. Go ahead, get rid of tiles that do not bring you joy. You can find and add them again if you later need them.

Add tiles: MyUW contains many more tiles than it could fit on your default home page. Some of them may be your new favorites. Launch a search from the top of the page, or browse the directory of apps via the “Add to home” link after the last tile on your home page. When you find something you want to try, you can “Add to home” to add it to the top of your home page. Then re-order or even remove it, as you like.

If you would like help with any of this, the DoIT Help Desk can help you update your contact information, your preferred name, and your MyUW home page to put your best foot forward for 2019.