University of Wisconsin–Madison

DoIT reorg results in new System Services Group; PMO move

On April 5, I sent all DoIT staff an email on the work underway to complete the restructuring necessary for the new System Services Group (SSG). The guiding principle in the restructuring work is to move everyone supporting services funded by the Common Systems Review Group (CSRG) into SSG. The CSRG is the decision-making body that determines priorities and funding for IT services that DoIT provides to UW System. We did this to more easily and clearly determine true costs and priorities for development being done for UW System.

All of the affected staff have been notified and the details of the restructuring are below. Here is an organizational chart reflecting these changes for ADI and SSG effective today. More complete CIO Office and DoIT organizational charts will be revised and published soon. I used time entry data for the last eight months to identify people supporting CSRG funded work.

That analysis yielded four outcomes:

  1. People working almost exclusively on CSRG funded work and had no other constraints to move.
  2. People working only fractionally on CSRG funded work. In these cases, we identified the total FTE worth of work and then identified people that should move and fill these positions. Some cross-training may be required among existing staff.
  3. Some services did not have clear time entry data and some services weren’t logical to separate. In these cases, we will establish a service level agreement (SLA) between SSG and the group in DoIT providing the service.
  4. In some cases, once the staff supporting CSRG were moved out of a team there wasn’t enough critical mass to support a functioning team. In those cases, we moved everyone in the same role and we will establish a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to provide services back to the Madison campus.

As noted previously, I will lead the Application Development & Integration (ADI) Department as well as the new SSG.

The new ADI department will focus on the Madison campus and will have three teams:

  1. Todd Friske will lead the Student Applications team with continuing support for Housing, the Division of Enrollment Management, Bursar, and now the Office of Human Resources.
  2. Joe Tarter will continue to lead the Integrated Applications team which focuses on custom software development integrating with enterprise systems and front end web development. Joe’s customer focus is DoIT and departments around the Madison campus.
  3. Mark Field will continue to lead the Web and Mobile Solutions team which focuses on custom software development using the Microsoft .NET stack. Mark’s customer focus is the Madison campus.

As part of this restructuring, the Project Management Office (PMO) will move to the CIO Office. Karen Hanson will continue to lead this team of project managers and business analysts and she will now report to Dawn McCauley in the IT Center of Excellence. Six years ago, our campus did not have an IT-focused PMO, so I created one within ADI. The PMO has since grown to 16 employees and works on many campus-level projects. Aligning the PMO with the CIO office, rather than within a development organization, is a logical move.  

The new SSG is structured as follows, starting with my direct reports:

  1. Bob Mayville will assume the deputy director role for the SSG. Among his other duties, he will be responsible for the daily operations and project activities for the HRS, SFS, and Academic Systems. Bob’s direct reports include:
    – Steve Hart will continue to lead the HRIS Applications team. Steve will also manage the SLA for the report distribution service provided by SEO.
    – Anand Vangipuram will lead the new ERP Application Support team. In addition to existing services (batch management, code migration, and testing) Anand will take on new responsibility for the legacy budget system and the mainframe support (led by Beth Crews). He will also manage the SLA for the existing workload automation service provided by SEO.
    – Tammie Hodgson will continue to lead the Financial Applications team.
    – Dan Voeks and the Learn@UW for UWS team (formerly in Academic Technology) focused on supporting academic applications for CSRG.
  2. Lynnette Gerstner will have leadership accountability for SSG program management which includes maintaining the current inventory and status of all major projects in the SSG portfolio.
  3. Don Ussery will lead a new team, ERP Administration, which will provide PeopleSoft administration and database administration services. His team will also provide services to the Madison campus primarily in support of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions under a new SLA. Don will also manage the SLA for other services provided by Systems Engineering and Operations.
  4. Chris Spencer will assume the role of interim Assistant Director for security operations. The role of this team is to ensure that applications and systems within the CSRG portfolio remain secure and data is protected from unauthorized use or access. The security operations team will operate as a delegated unit from the Office of Cybersecurity and Chris will have a secondary reporting relationship to that office.  Please join me in congratulating Chris on this new opportunity!

We are in discussions with UW System on the future home of the MILER team. Pending a possible move of this team, they will continue to report to Todd Friske until a new home is established.

Independently of this restructure, UW System leadership has decided to change how Business Intelligence (BI) services are delivered. The implementation of the OBIEE shared queries for HRS will wrap up very soon and the Data Management Council has yet to establish their long-term strategic direction for BI. Furthermore, the Service Center is seeking options to cover a budget shortfall for FY19. Consequently, we will no longer maintain a standalone BI team. Instead, staff will move to one of the other teams in SSG and Andy Cunningham will return to the PMO on May 14. I want to thank Andy for his leadership, insight, and passion for BI over the last two years.

We have some services that are not moving right now. In particular, Enterprise Internet Services (EIS), led by Melissa Tran, provides three primary services to CSRG: Identity and Access Management, UW Digital ID, and the UW Portal. Melissa and I have agreed to not move the staff supporting these services into SSG at this time. Instead, we will establish an SLA between SSG and EIS for these services. We may revisit this decision at a later date.

The formation of SSG is the largest and most complex restructuring of DoIT in over 20 years. Many hours of discussion and analysis went into these changes with the affected directors, human resources, and financial services. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work through some remaining details over the next couple of months. Between now and the end of the fiscal year, affected employees will receive a new appointment letter identifying any team or manager change. Furthermore, financial services will complete the costing analysis that was started a few months ago. We expect to implement our new financial model for SSG at the start of the fiscal year. Any physical office moves will also be worked out at a later date.

Please see your manager first for any additional questions. For questions about SSG, please see Bob Mayville as he will collect and triage these questions for follow-up as needed.

Most importantly—as the transition work will take some time–please continue to focus on delivering excellent service to your respective customers until your manager redirects your work.

Special thanks to all of you who are affected directly or indirectly by these changes. I appreciate your ongoing patience and support as we carefully realign to better serve UW System and UW Madison customers.

— Dave Pagenkopf, Director ADI & SSG