University of Wisconsin–Madison
Course Search & Enroll app

Enrollment is coming; it’ll be easier this time

It’s that time again to make decisions on what courses you want to take in Spring 2019, and there’s a new tool that makes enrolling in classes easier.


You should have received an email from the Office of the Registrar that provided your Spring 2019 enrollment start date and time. Right now, you can find the new UW Course Search & Enroll app on your MyUW homepage to:

  • begin reviewing courses
  • build schedules
  • enroll at your specified date/time


If you aren’t quite ready to take advantage of the benefits of the Course Search and Enroll app, you can still use the Course Guide and Student Center method through MyUW. However, the Registrar’s Office will remove the enrollment functions of Course Guide and Student Center by July 2019, positioning the Course Search and Enroll app as the only method for completing enrollment tasks. In future semesters, the Course Search & Enroll app will continue to add useful features like a Degree Planner to make enrollment decisions even easier.


During its first major rollout for the Fall 2018 enrollment period, more than 53% of students used the new app to enroll. Students using the app spent less time learning the tool and less time enrolling overall. They were able to quickly pick courses, build schedules, and enroll in classes with little to no training on how to use the Course Search & Enroll app.

The Offices of the Registrar and Undergraduate Advising are committed to making the enrollment process as straightforward and stress-free as possible, and the UW Course Search & Enroll app was built to vastly improve your enrollment experience.


Please use the “Help” link within the app if you need assistance. Or you may also contact the DoIT Help Desk for additional assistance. If you have questions about your courses or degree path, please contact your advisor. You can find your assigned advisor in the Academic Navigator.