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Smart phone with the grade of A+ on the screen

Study tips to raise your grades

When it comes time to study strong, caffeine doesn’t always have to be the first place you turn. You may want to get some personalized help from the Greater University Tutoring Service (GUTS) or check out the University Residence Halls Academic Tutoring options. If you’re a DIY kind of person, you might be able to gain an edge with studying by trying out a technological solution.

The best tech is often one that’s already integrated into your daily life, and here are five items that can turn your smartphone into your own personal study tool.

  1. Record/Review Your Lectures: Use the native audio recording app or download one.

Benefit: The best information is right from the source.

  1. Droid Scan: Turn your phone or tablet into a portable document scanner.

Requirement: Android

Benefit: Save your most important paper documents as a .pdf.

  1. StudyBlue: Create flashcards on your smartphone.

Requirement: iOS, Android

Benefit: There are already 150 million notes & flashcards loaded, including ones uploaded from UW–Madison students.

  1. Flashcard Hero Free: Make your own flashcards. Keeps track of facts you already know, so you can focus on what you need to learn.

Requirement: iOS

Benefit: Create flashcards for multiple subjects, free.

  1. Exam Countdown: A literal countdown clock for all your exams. Never forget one.

Requirements: iOS

Benefit: Add “to-do” lists of items that must be completed before the exam. Read and share test taking tips from other students.

Should you need any technology related assistance during finals, remember to contact the Help Desk at 264-4357.