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How can give your LinkedIn profile a boost

Certificates earned on are one of many ways to add depth and breadth to your LinkedIn profile, and can even make you more marketable. Here is how you can improve your LinkedIn profile with certificates offered through Learning Paths on is an online training and self-study service from LinkedIn offered for free to UW-Madison students. It’s available 24/7 and is for all experience levels. can teach you how to edit your vacation photos with Adobe Photoshop, how to use Microsoft Excel, or produce music, to name a few, and at your own pace. You can even choose Learning Paths, offered through, to complete and add to your LinkedIn profile.  

Learning Paths generate a sequence of courses for many different career and learning paths. You can take courses on animation, audio, business, CAD, design, developing, IT, marketing, photography, video, and web. To start a path:

  1.  Search what you’d be interested in learning.
  2. On the left side bar, click “Learning Paths.” Here you’ll see paths you can complete to earn certificates.
  3. Complete a series of courses in a Learning Path to earn a certificate. will notify you of your accomplishment and will let you quickly and easily add your new certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile.

Certificates can be very valuable to your LinkedIn profile and CEO of VBA Telemetry, Davor Geci, says that you should definitely add them. “When you apply for a job and the HR managers scan your LinkedIn profile and they find a certificate there,” he says, “they know that…you are working on your professional career and invest in yourself.” According to Geci, adding certificates can help raise your credibility and will show potential employers that you value yourself and your professional development.

Learning Paths by are one of many ways to help you stand out. They allow you to share and demonstrate your accomplishments in the job market, showcase your skills to recruiters and hiring managers, and illustrate how you’re continually expanding your professional knowledge. To learn more about making yourself more marketable for future internship and career opportunities visit career services at UW-Madison.