How to use the power of ‘Yes, and…’ to maximize your results

Woman speaking to a crowd from a podium

Do you wish you felt more comfortable speaking to a group of your peers? Do you want to learn how to be more present or in the moment? Then please join us for Leadership Improv on Friday, May 26 from 12–1:15 at Union South (TITU).

You’ll be sure to:

  1. Get practice being on a stage (as leaders always are)
  2. Become more comfortable speaking from the top of mind
  3. Practice becoming more comfortable acting (as opposed to reacting) in a safe and supportive space
  4. Learn the science behind why practice makes people more comfortable
  5. Participate in activities that focus on building [what does this mean?] and collaboration.
  6. Learn about “Yes, and…,” a core competency of improv troupes everywhere. It is also a powerful leadership tool. Learn how to harness it!
  7. Train yourself to be more present and in the moment
  8. Join a fun community of practice

Contact Sean Bossinger or Jason Erdmann with questions.