University of Wisconsin–Madison

Improving the WiscList Service: April 2019 Update

Earlier this year the WiscList email list service experienced significant delays during a period when prompt communication to list members was critical. Shortly after the incident, DoIT sent out a message informing the campus community about steps that would be taken to Improve the WiscList service. DoIT Productivity and Collaboration Services would like to provide an update on the progress of this initiative.

The service team is currently identifying the requirements for university email list services and evaluating replacement services. Most, if not all, of the potential future services already exist on campus and are robust enough to meet the necessary requirements of the existing WiscList services. We are exploring Office 365 and Google Groups for WiscList, List Library, Class Lists, and Advisor Lists. We are exploring Eloqua and Salesforce for WiscList Custom, WiscList, and List Library. We expect to fully transition into new service offerings by December 2019.

The long term strategy for WiscList is to stay current with ever-changing client requirements, and strategic directions for the university. We will proactively work with our clients, partners, and governance organizations to determine what services the university needs by:

  • Regularly reviewing the service requirements
  • Establishing meaningful service metrics
  • Regularly evaluating our service offering against these user requirements and metrics, which will allow us to benchmark service health and sustainability
  • Revising the WiscList Service Offerings as necessary

We will continue to update the university community on the replacement solutions, timelines for transition and migration plans throughout the upcoming months. In the meantime, please email if you have questions or want to provide input.