University of Wisconsin–Madison
G Suite

Do you know you have your own G Suite?

G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) is a FREE collaborative service provided to all UW‑Madison faculty, staff, and students. This service includes a variety of productivity applications you may already be familiar with such as Google Drive, Docs, and more. Even if you already have access to these applications through a personal Gmail account, you can still benefit from using your free enterprise UW‑Madison G Suite account for creating, collaborating, and storing your work.

Important note about working with Protected Health Information (PHI): G Suite should not be used by UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students interacting with electronic PHI protected by HIPAA regulations.  If you are a part of the UW-Madison Health Care Component, contact your HIPAA Privacy or Security Coordinator with questions about the applications best suited for creating, storing, and sharing PHI.

Top reasons for using your UW-Madison G Suite account over your personal Google Account

  Protection Storage Support Collaboration
UW‑Madison G Suite Account Your intellectual property is protected under the UW-Madison Terms of Service. Google cannot use or share your content for marketing purposes. Unlimited storage Access to UW–Madison G Suite team for technical support Share publicly or share with just UW‑Madison (requires NetID login to access)
Personal Google Account Fewer protections offered by Google Terms of Service. Google can use or share your content for marketing purposes. Limited to 15 GB of storage Go ahead people, just try to call Google, just try! Share publicly