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Learn how to best use Webex Meetings to stay connected

Are you looking for the basics or simply an online refresher for Webex Meetings? Find training resources and solutions to common problems on the guide located at Getting started: Webex Meetings or sign up for an online class below.

This 75-min online class will provide you with the information you need to keep in contact with your colleagues while working remotely. Schedule a Webex Meeting and you can see and hear each other and show agenda/documents. In this session you will learn the skills needed to run and join Webex Meetings:

Getting Started with Webex Meetings

In this 75-minute class, participants will:

  • Access the new URL (
  • Attend a Webex meeting
  • Understand what it takes to host a meeting, including scheduling or joining as a participant
  • Learn the features of Webex Meetings, including:
    • Sharing screens and documents
    • Collaborating with meeting participants
    • Using the Whiteboard
    • Sharing the presenter role

Current classes available:

Fri, March 20, 8:30-9:45am:

Mon, March 23, 9-10:15am:

Mon, March 23, 11am-12:15pm: 

Wed, March 25, 1-2:15pm:

Fri, March 27, 10-11:15am: 

Fri, March 27, 2-3:15pm:

Mon, March 30, 1-2:15pm:

Wed, April 1, 2-3:15pm:

Fri, April 3, 10-11:15am:


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