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Adobe Creative Cloud

Licensing changes may affect your use of Adobe applications

Are you among the thousands of people on the UW-Madison campus who use one or more Adobe applications to perform your job? If you crop or process photos in Photoshop, create visual materials using InDesign or Illustrator, build html code using DreamWeaver, edit PDF documents in Acrobat, or use any other Creative Cloud applications, you may need to take action to make sure you can continue using these applications this coming fall.

As of November 16, 2019, Adobe will disable serialized installations of Creative Cloud software. You may have serialized adobe software on your machine if you or your IT support staff…

  • installed Adobe Creative Cloud software from installation packages downloaded from the Campus Software Library (CSL).  
  • downloaded the Creative Cloud Serializer from the CSL and ran it to license your applications.
  • created installation packages with the Creative Cloud Packager and used those to install Creative Cloud software.

If you’re unsure how your Creative Cloud applications were installed, you can check for serialized installations by…

  • looking for the Adobe Creative Cloud application (which is used to install, update, and launch Adobe Creative Cloud applications) on your machine. If it’s not present, you may have serialized Adobe applications.
  • opening the Help menu within a running Adobe application. If this line: “Sign Out (NETID@WISC.EDU)” is not present, you may have a serialized Adobe application.

If you’ve determined that you’re running serialized Adobe applications, you should change to named-user licensing, which is the alternative to serialized installations. If your machine is managed, contact your IT support staff. If you manage software installations on your machine, you should be able to follow this procedure to convert to named-user licensing before the November deadline.

If you’re IT support staff and you manage multiple machines assigned to faculty and staff, you can make named-user installation packages in the Adobe Enterprise Admin Console (if you don’t already have access, please email

If you’re IT support staff and you manage Adobe Creative Cloud software installed on machines in a student lab or other shared-use scenario, you can make Shared Device Licensing installation packages, also in the Adobe Enterprise Admin Console.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email