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How being a Lifelong Learner protects your career

Job search site has released their Tech Ageism Report. According to the report, 40 percent of respondents worry about losing their jobs due to ageism, while 18 percent worry “all the time.” If you belong to either of those percentiles, read on.

Ageism in IT is characterized by the prejudice that younger tech workers are preferable to older ones, that they’re better informed about new technologies, and learn new skills quicker. One way to combat such prejudice is by being a lifelong learner, someone who continues learning after formal schooling or training ends, and in a wide variety of situations.

Career Benefits for Lifelong Learners

Being active, even proactive in your continuing education provides a variety of benefits allowing you to:

  • Stay current in your field ( or learn a new one)
  • Stay motivated
  • Build your network
  • Stay employed longer

DoIT Resources for Lifelong Learners

The web has proven an important resource to learners, and online training is an effective method of web based teaching for many learners. DoIT Offers online training through, on a wide variety of topics, including several from the Gartner’s list of the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2018:

Lynda also offers several paths through related instructional videos aimed at helping learners with specific goals such as becoming an SEO expert, front-end developer, or video editor.


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