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Madison participating in UW System Two Year Information Security plan

A recent UW System initiative includes a two-year work plan to bring all Wisconsin campuses in alignment around cybersecurity. UW–Madison is an enthusiastic partner in this initiative, as it includes some measures the campus already has in place or has planned.

“Some of these will undergo modification to bring them into alignment with the other UW System campuses,” said Bob Turner, UW–Madison Chief Information Security Officer. “In some cases this will mean adopting a new tool to replace one currently in use, in others no change at all, and in still others, adopting entirely new tools and practices.”

Given the differences in size, distribution, and complexity of the communities at various UW System campuses, as well as their respective starting points regarding information security and cybersecurity, the time each campus needs to align itself with the plan will vary. “UW Madison is ahead in some aspects as regards current and past initiatives,” added Turner. “But we also boast one of the larger and more complex communities within the system, and that will naturally affect the amount of time needed to implement the projects under this initiative.”

UW–Madison has long been a leader in cybersecurity, with many past successful initiatives, and others underway, protecting users, systems and data for all UW communities. Such efforts include personal training, network and device protections from hacking and phishing, authentication systems, network monitoring, and next-generation technologies. We will continue in a leadership role in this new initiative, providing services and support for other UW System institutions.

Madison program sponsors include Bob Turner, and Lois Brooks, CIO and Vice Provost for Information Technology. A program manager and business analyst has also been identified for the overall Madison effort. In order to improve engagement, share responsibility and ensure compliance, a campus team has been identified for each of the major initiatives in the Work Plan. The initial five of these teams are already established. They are co-lead by and comprised of both distributed and central IT staff:

Information Security Program and Work Plan Projects and Co-Leads
Project Leads
Asset Inventory Management Steve Krogull (DoIT/SEO), Stefan Wahe (Deputy CISO)
Data Management Alan Ng (DCS/lead), McKinney Austin (Interim CDO)
Multi Factor Authentication Tamara Walker (DoIT), Steve Van Der Weide (WSB)
Risk Management Stefan Wahe (Deputy CISO), Jason Pursian (CALS)
Security Awareness Training Bob Turner (CISO), Susan Weier (L&S)

For more information, and to subscribe to updates, visit the Information Security Program and Work Plan Initiative page.

Updated January 11, 2019