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DoIT student employees involved with Safer Badgers

Meet Leah And Bailey: Help Desk Student Employees

It’s a big job to help keep campus safe through the pandemic.

As part of UW–Madison’s Safer Badgers effort, people are needed to answer questions over phone and email, staff the testing sites, support the app, manage building access and more.

Meet some of the people who make this effort work and help keep our whole campus community safe.

Leah, student agent at DoIT’s Help Desk


Leah’s a junior computer engineering major from Menomonee Falls who plays a mean Mario Kart — and she’s one of 75 “Level One” student agents who work for DoIT’s Help Desk, answering your questions about the Safer Badgers app and providing any other technical support you might need. And with the Help Desk’s team spirit vibe, Leah says: “There is no problem you have to solve alone.”

When she’s not listening to Fall Out Boy, Leah dreams about one day being able to safely spend a summer night at the Terrace, enjoying the sunset and live music with her friends. Meanwhile, it’s music to her ears when she can help someone navigate a technical issue.

“When I can help someone figure out a solution to a problem they are having, I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment,” Leah says. “And I am happy that I am able to help serve a member of my campus community.”

Bailey, student team lead, DoIT


Bailey is a junior from Green Bay majoring in computer science and political science. When this music lover isn’t studying how to build user interfaces or tickling the ivories playing Broadway show tunes, he’s a student team lead with DoIT’s Help Desk — helping you navigate the Safer Badgers app and providing the technical support you need to learn and do your jobs at UW–Madison.

Bailey may get a tiny bit anxious around medical equipment (not-so-fun fact: he once had to get stitches on his chin after he passed out during a strep test!). But he’s not at all nervous about helping fellow students and staff work through sometimes complex technical issues.

“It’s always an awesome feeling to help someone do their job just a little easier or find a solution to a frustrating situation—especially when it’s a classmate or my instructor!”

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