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Meet the Candidates for Assistant Director of Digital Accessibility & User Experience

The Assistant Director of Accessibility and User Experience leads the campus effort to improve digital accessibility and user experience. The person in this position will establish a center to serve as a campus resource for assistance, support and training. The Assistant Director will work with college, department and other unit representatives to develop and implement a strategic plan to improve digital access. Center funding comes from central resources. The Assistant Director manages staff, and reports to the Communications director in the Office of the CIO.

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Finalist presentations

The UW-Madison Office of the CIO is pleased to announce the finalists for the new position of Assistant Director of Accessibility and User Experience. As part of their final interview process, each will give a 30 minute presentation, followed by Q&A, addressing the following question:

“The University of Wisconsin-Madison intends to build upon a grassroots, decentralized process for digital accessibility, and an expanding user experience effort to becoming a model institution for both. Your audience for this presentation is senior campus leadership. Tell us (in the role of senior campus leadership) how you would establish a Center for Digital Accessibility and User Experience that would have a broad campus scope, and your vision for success for the Center. Describe how you would begin. Who would you include? What types of strategies you would employ?”

You are invited to participate in each of the following:

  • Phyllis Treige: Thursday, June 28, 12:30-1:30p at Union South (check TITU)
  • Todd M. Weissenberger: Tuesday, July 10, 1 – 2:00p, 3139 DoIT (1210 W. Dayton St.)

Job description

View the complete position description. (PDF)

Search and screen committee members

  • April Ebacher, Frontend Development Team Lead,  DoIT
  • Mary Evansen, Assistant Director of Communications, DoIT
  • Brian Rust, Communications Director, DoIT and the Office of the CIO
  • Todd Schwanke, Assistant Director, Adaptive Technology Services, McBurney Disability Resource Center
  • Cathleen Trueba, Director of the Office of Compliance


Recruitment and feedback for this position has been closed. A decision will be made and communicated in late July or early August.


For questions, please contact Vickie Arneson at