University of Wisconsin–Madison
CMS merger

Merger of campus web services simplifies your life

The UW-Madison campus has a new, improved option for building and maintaining websites. A 24-month collaborative effort by 11 colleges and divisions has merged multiple WordPress Content Management System (CMS) services into one CMS Hosting Service. The result is a cost-effective, efficient, and scalable offering that will evolve and improve through shared governance. In the future, the service may also support other CMS platforms such as Drupal.

The new service uses a cloud-based, centralized infrastructure to provide colleges, units, and departments with a standard set of CMS features. An optional second level enables customizations.

Things to know:

  • Existing customers of the newly merged WiscWeb and WordPress Consortium services will maintain their current service contact. Service contracts for current customers of either service (WiscWeb or WordPress Consortium) won’t change.
  • End-users maintaining websites using the UW-Madison Theme can sign up for training classes and/or open lab sessions for help to build or manage their sites.
  • Request new WiscWeb sites by filling out the new site form.
  • Units that manage multiple WordPress websites and are interested in benefiting from shared infrastructure and support are in luck. The CMS Hosting Service will start accepting new requests for Application Service Providers in late Fall 2018, with migrations starting early 2019.

More information including a contact form can be found on the project website.

Campus CMS Partners

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