University of Wisconsin–Madison
Email fish on hook.

New email scam poses as official UW message

Scammers are always seeking ways to gain your trust, and your credentials. The latest attempt in your InBox late last week looks like it is coming from the UW-Madison, complete with logo. Ironically it states that due to a flood of scam email to “ servers,” you are directed to click on a link to update your account. Here is a copy of the message.

Email scam

Among the many tip-offs that this itself is a scam, are:

  • email does not come from the UW
  • “click here” link is not to a UW server
  • while UW service providers may inform you about how to change your password, such a link would take you to the UW Knowledgebase, and not to an off-site provider.
  • errors in the text

New, seemingly more creative attempts arrive each week. Do not fall for them. To report an apparent spam or scam, forward it to so the UW Office of Cybersecurity can investigate and take appropriate action.

Learn more about how to manage your UW online credentials in this Knowledgebase document.